How to choose replacement windows in chester county pennsylvania
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How To Choose Replacement Windows


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Double Pane windows are manufactured with special coatings to enhance their thermal performance.  The choice of coating and style would determine the quantity  of heat and light that could enter the window. When deciding on the type of glass coating that will save you the most energy, the heating zone you live in must be considered.


  1. Aluminum Window Frames.
    • Economical , long-lasting and strong
    • Can be easily squeezed into the varied shapes needed for window parts.
    • Biggest disadvantage is the amount of heat lost through the aluminium frame, making houses with these windows less environmentally friendly and more expensive to heat.
    • Frames tend to lose eat easily and absorb cold breeze making it inappropriate to use in places with cold climates.
  2. Wood-framed Windows.
    • Offers aesthetic and traditional appeals
    • Have lower U-factors compared with aluminum window frames (ie let less heat in or out)
    • Well-built and well-maintained wood windows can have very long life
    • However, these windows need regular treatment with paint or wood preservative to maximise their useable life.
  3. Vinyl Window Frames.
    • Do not require painting.
    • High-quality insulating value.
    • Moisture resistant.
    • Do not need permanent maintenance.
    • Thermal performance is almost the same with wood-framed windows.
    • Now available in many colors, some of which resemble wood.
  4. Fiberglass.
    • Dimensionally stable
    • Thermal performance is better than vinyl and wood
    • Are commonly used with high performance glazings
    • don’t consumer too much space with its smaller cross-sectional shapes
    • Preferred in industrial environments.
  5. Insulated Vinyl
    • Almost have the same characteristics with standard vinyl frames
    • Have more superior thermal performance than standard vinyl and wood frames
    • As with fiberglass, these frames are commonly used with high performance glazings
  6. Hybrid/Composite Window Frames
  7. Hybrid
    • Comprise two or more frame materials
    • Are created to reduce exterior maintenance needs .
    • Vinyl-Wood windows are created so households can choose the kind of appearance they want .
  8. Composite
    • Superbly stable
    • The same or even more improved thermal properties than conventional wood
    • Enhanced moisture and decay resistant properties
    • Can be painted much like wood


  1. Clear Glass.
    • Allows for the passage of high visible light
    • Helps gain and maintain  heat within the home
  2. Bronze/Gray Tinted Glass.
    • Reduces solar gain which yields less heat absorption into the home
    • Transmission of light is controlled .
  3. High Performance Tinted Glass.
    • Usually light Green and Blue in color
    • Acquires  solar energy more than bronze/tint
    • Transmits more light into the home
  4. Low Emittance Coating.
    • Translucent  coatings.
    • It can regulate the amount of solar gain from low, moderate to high .
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