How to choose replacement windows in chester county pennsylvania
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How To Choose Replacement Windows

Almond Color Replacement Windows

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Almond color replacement windows are often overlooked when homeowners decide to replace their aging windows. Here are five good reasons to consider almond or beige windows for your renovation:

  1. Almond color windows can be a stunning compliment to brick or stone buildings, depending on the shade of the masonry.

  2. Today's shades of almond or beige are light enough to blend with many interior color schemes.

  3. Color vinyl windows are substantially the same price as white vinyl windows.

  4. If you do not want almond on the interior of your home, you can order white windows and have the exterior factory painted in almond, while leaving the interior white.

  5. Almond windows can set your house apart from all the homes in the neighborhood that all look the same!

Here is an Almond color Sliding Window viewed from the interior of the home:

almond color vinyl sliding window


Here is the almond window viewed from the exterior of the home:

almond color window viewed from exterior of home


 And this is what an almond color vinyl patio door looks like:

almond / beige patio door


If you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we have an in home service that can help you select window styles, colors, options and get prices. If you live outside the area, you can have a consultation using Google Helpouts.... a growing service provided by Thermal Sash and Google.

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Preparing the right way to paint

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Would you like to upgrade your home without going into debt ?  Try giving it a new coat of paint.  It is one of the best investments you can make via do it yourself projects for your home .

Painting your house does not take as much time as you may think, but it does require some preparation.  According to East Coast Painters, the better prepared you are, the better you will enjoy the finished product.  Here is a brief overview of the items you will need in order to properly prepare for your painting job.

You will need drop sheets, and more than one. Old sheets work swell, or you can buy these types of items at a local home improvement store.

You will also need emery paper, scrapers, wire brushes, spackle and a putty knife.  You will want to get rid of old and/or peeling paint before applying a fresh coat so that it sticks.  For outside paint jobs, you may want to consider renting a power washer to do the job.

Masking tape is another must have item.  You will want to tape off sensitive areas, around windows, borders if you have two colors that meet at any level, etc.  Masking tape works wonders, use it!

Primer is the final item we will cover in dealing with your painting preparations.  Typically you will spot primer your home, meaning you will primer only bare spots with metal or wood, etc. showing.  For the best caliber paint job, however, you should completely primer the area you are going to paint.

WIth correct preparation, you can also have a great paint job done yourself !  Follow these easy guidelines to get prepared, then choose high quality paint, good brushes and spend the time to make your home look great!

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