Retractable Awning

Two Minute Tips ... Awnings – Motorized And Retractable

RETRACTABLE AWNINGS are becoming the must have accessory for your deck or patio. Many decks have been built on homes with the dream of sitting outside, enjoying a meal or reading. Reality strikes when you find it too hot to sit out for more than a few minutes at a time. Seniors and children are especially sensitive to the blaring heat and UV radiation. With a retractable awning installed, the deck or patio immediately feels 20 degrees cooler! And awnings can add not only comfort, but also FLAIR and STYLE. Just sipping a glass of water under your new awning is like having a party!

Retractable Awnings are available from 8 feet wide to 35 feet wide, and from a 6 foot projection to a 14 foot projection. SUNAIR awnings are manufactured by a company that started in Sweden over 100 years ago, and is now a U.S. company still operated by the same family! The fabric choices are amazing, with both Sunbrella and Para fabrics available. Sunbrella makes a durable long lasting woven acrylic fabric that is available in hundreds of colors. Para is an Italian woven acrylic with the highest thread count of any awning material, and features TEFLON COATING for a dirt repelling surface. The threads used to sew the fabric into large sheets is a product of GORE Fabrics (the company that makes GORETEX) and is guaranteed not to disolve with exposure to the sun.

SUNSETTER brand awnings are available in VINYL FABRICS if you need an awning to protect you in light rain. Vinyl fabric is 100% waterproof.

A home with an awning over the deck or patio will also shade the interior of the home … useful on those days the sun glare is making a television impossible to see.