Bay window

Two Minute Tips ... BAY Windows

Bay windows are considered one of the most dramatic window styles available today. They provide a great view of the outside with the center picture window. The sides can be angled from 30 to 90 degrees to suit the style of your home. The side windows are called “vents” when they are operable. You can order double hung vents as well as casement vents. Double hung vents give a more traditional look, especially when designed with colonial “grids” or “grilles”. You can get a “tudor” look by adding diamond grids to your window. If the bay window does not project past your roof overhang (or “soffit”) you must add a roof over the bay window to keep the weather off it and to improve the appearance. These are called “pents” and are made in two styles. A “hip pent” has two angled sides or hips that follow the shape of the window itself. A “shed pent” is a simpler form of roof, and is generally used on a bow window. It can be used over a bay window in certain circumstances, such as when the bay has a larger projection than the soffit, but a shorter distance above the bay to the soffit. Pents can have your choice of shingles. Custom made copper pents can be made for your bay window that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. You can design a bay window to fit your sense of design, and add real “curb appeal” to your home.