Bow Window

Two Minute Tips … BOW Windows

BOW windows can be made to fit openings up to 12 feet wide. A bow window consists of a minimum of three “lites” or windows. They are all the same size. As the window becomes wider, more “lites” are added. A 12 foot wide bow window will have 6 lites. Unlike bay windows, bow windows almost always have casement vents for ventilation, rather than double hung vents. This gives a bow window a more contemporary look than a bay window. However, if you add “grids”, either colonial style or diamond style, you can change the look to match your home. Just like bay windows, bow windows that project past the soffit or overhang of the roof, will require a “pent” to protect it from the weather. Bow windows offer a sweeping view of the exterior of your home, and can offer the ultimate in ventilation if you have more than the two ends made as “vents”. With all the casement vents cranked open, it’s like being outside when you are enjoying the view.