Casement Window

Two Minute Tips … CASEMENT Windows

CASEMENT windows offer maximum ventilation. If you like plenty of fresh air, this is the style of window that will give it to you. Casement windows can be made to open with the hinges on the left or the right side. If you have two windows on the same wall, you can really manage the airflow in the room. That’s because you can either crank the window open to scoop the air into the room, or crank the other window open to cause the wind to pull the air out of your home. This of course depends on the direction of the wind that day. If the wind is blowing straight at the house, you can open the casement window a little at a time until you get just the amount of airflow that you want. And don;t be afraid of modern casement hardware. A quality window will have hardware that will last a lifetime. Some homeowners have lived with casement windows that were either painted shut, or swelled shut, and hard cranking stripped the hardware. With todays quality vinyl windows, you never have to paint them closed! The hardware is also available with handles that fold down, so they look unobtrusive when not in use. Casement windows always have full screens on the inside of the house, since the window is cranked out when open. Casement windows are often used in bay and bow windows, as well as in hard to reach areas like over a kitchen sink.