Window Color Options

Two Minute Tips ... Colors Of Windows

Today’s State of the art windows can be made with an amazing variety of colors. These colors can be different on the interior and exterior of the home. For example, you can get any of four realistic color vinyl wood-grained interiors, and then select from four different exterior colors. With just those two variables, you can create up to 16 different combinations. Your windows can be as unique as your homes persoinality requires.

Then there are are vinyl exteriors with paint-able or stain-able interiors that start out looking like raw pine or oak. You can then choose the color to stain or paint  it  to match you homes interior.  Some of the colors available are:

  • Golden Oak woodgrain
  • Colonial Cherry woodgrain
  • Brazilian Pecan woodgrain
  • Provincial (darker) oak woodgrain

Here are some examples: