Convert Garage to Den

Two Minute Tips ... Convert Garage To Den

REPLACING ALUMINUM WINDOWS is one of the most appreciated projects a homeowner can do to their home. Aluminum windows drain more heat from your rooms than any other type of window. Aluminum conducts heat over one thousand times faster than vinyl !  When you have vinyl windows installed, you will notice an immediate improvement in both comfort and energy savings. In fact, a whole house conversion can save up to 50% on the cost of heating and cooling a home. As an added benefit, they look much better than the old aluminum windows. Another benefit is the elimination of sweating frames. Many homes have humidity levels in the winter that, combined with the ice cold aluminum frames, allow the moisture in the air to condense on the aluminum. When this water drips down the frames, it is absorbed into the wood or drywall surrounding the window. This process not only destroys the look of your home, it also provides a place for mold to grow, discoloring the suurounding wood or drywall, and potentially causing allergic reaction to sensitive people.

I f you have aluminum windows, replacing them will be remembered by you as the best thing you ever did for your home!