Decorative Window Options

Two Minute Tips ... Decorative Options

Grids, or Grilles are common decorative options used to add interest to replacement windows. They can be designed in many different configurations, depending on the window style and materials that you choose for your windows. Some of the most common style grids are Colonial, Queen Anne or Prairie, and Diamond or Tudor. If you are looking for the easiest cleaning, you will want to have the grids installed between the two panes of glass. This will give you the look you want, and when it’s time to clean your windows, you just have to clean the flat sheet of glass.

For a more realistic look, “simulated divided lites” are used. This style of grids consists of the grid material (either wood, vinyl or aluminum) applied to the exterior of the glass, both inside the house and the outside surface. They look very authentic, however you must clean each individual pane created by your design. Of course, tilt in cleaning makes it easy to get to the exterior to do the cleaning. When designing your “simulated divided lite” grids, most homeowners also have a matching grid pattern installed between the glass. This completes the illusion of a “true divided lite” window.

True divided lite windows are the most expensive type of grid design. If you have a 6 over 6 grid configuration in true divided lite style, you actually get 12 individual insulated glass units in each window. This is more costly to manufacture than either the between the glass style grid or the simulated divided lite grid, because of all the individual sealed insulated glass units needed to make up the window.