Open Up Wall To Add Windows

Two Minute Tips ... OPEN WALL – ADD WINDOW

If your home has room that would be dramatically improved if you had a view to the outside, this is for you. Is the wall in the way? Remove it and install a window. Fireplaces are beautiful when you have a cozy fire burning in the winter, but when the fireplace is not in use, the only thing missing is a view of the outdoors … and some ventilation. This type of home improvement can transform a dark room into a light filled hangout for your family. Virtually any type of window can be installed if there is enough room. It’s a good idea to do some pre-planning by taping a sheet of butcher paper or similar in the size and shape of the window you plan on installing. Then you can move it around, raise it and lower it to test all the possibilities. Tap into the creative juices of your family members, and draw up your dream window!

Adding light and air to a favorite family space will make the the room more functional and enjoyable for years to come.