Steel Door Adds Curb Appeal

Two Minute Tips ... STEEL ENTRY DOORS

STEEL ENTRY DOORS are the most energy efficient type of door available today. The high quality manufacturers make doors that are similar to a refridgerator door. These doors are made with high density foam cores, magnetic “slam strips”  and bulb compression weatherstripping. Steel doors are available with a steel replacement frame or a new construction frame. You can choose between these styles depending on the condition of your existing door frame (jamb).  Once you have chosen the installation method, you have  almost endless choices of colors, glass sizes, sidelites, leaded glass, hardware styles and finishes, sill widths etc.

The door you build can fit your home in color style and function. Do you want blinds sealed between the glass for privacy and no cleaning? Do you need a strong long lasting patio door? Maybe a double door with sidelites and a transom window above it? That’s the beautiful thing about a made to order steel door, It’s made to your size with your choice of options. You can keep it simple or  make it the stunning focal point of your home. Imagine waking up to the sun shining through your bevel leaded glass door, creating a rainbow of color in your home!

Studies have shown that the “curb appeal” of a beautiful front entry door can actually add many times its cost to the value of your home. But  the best part is when you come home to be greeted by a fine looking door, you will enjoy it for as long as you live in the home. Security, curb appeal, long lasting quality and ease of operation…thats what a quality steel door is about!