Triple Pane Glass for Windows

Two Minute Tips ... TRIPLE GLASS

TRIPLE PANE GLASS adds insulation value to you windows by creating two airspaces instead of one. It is used where a homeowner is trying to add more value to a glass package than can be achieved with two panes of glass AND the maximum LOW E coatings available. If you compare triple pane glass without LOW E coatings to dual pane glass with LOW E coatings, the dual pane will reflect more heat. However, there is one advantage of triple pane glass that you can’t get by adding LOW E coatings and argon, and that is the ability of triple glass to reduce sound infiltration into your home.

Technically, sound passes through a window by first starting the exterior pane of glass vibrating. That glass in turn vibrates the air between the two panes of glass, which in turn starts the interior pane vibrating. The interior glass then vibrates the air in your home, and in turn, sends the sound to your ear. So, if you add another pane of glass to your insulated glass package, there are more glass to air to glass transitions that must take place for you to hear the noise from outside. If you are a day sleeper, or if you live near a busy roadway, you might want to consider triple pane just to reduce outside sounds.

If you take triple pane glass and coat two of  the panes with LOW E coatings and add ARGON gas fill, you will have the most efficient glass package available with todays technology.