Types of Insulated Glass

Two Minute Tips ... Types Of GLASS

GLASS is the largest part of your window, and one of the most important features you must select. “Low E” glass consists of regular glass with coatings applied to it. The coatings are put on the glass to reflect heat. They reflect heat produced with your heating system back into your home instead of letting it pass through to the outside. Conversely, in the summer, the heat that is trying to penetrate through your windows into your home, will be reflected out, thereby reducing the cost of air conditioning your home. There are two basic types of coated glass.

HARD COAT GLASS is made by applying the coatings when the glass itself is still in it’s liquid form. When the glass hardens, the coatings harden right into the surface. This method of producing Low E glass makes an extremely durable coating that can withstand handling during the manufacturing of the window. However, it does not produce the most efficient heat reflective surface.

SOFT COAT GLASS is made by applying the coatings after the glass is already cooled and hardened. The glass must be handled more carefully during the insulated glass manufacturing process, but once the insulated glass (IG) unit is sealed, the coated sides which face toward the interior of the two panes, are no longer vulnerable to damage. Soft Coated Low E glass can have an  almost unbelievable ability to reflect the heat comes in contact with it.